New Work – Oct 2022

Never a Dull Moment.

I’m forever inspired by my children, and children in general; boundless energy, curiosity, enthusiasm and an apparent need to climb all over parents and loved ones.

© Copyright Charlotte Clark 2022

New Work – May 2022

Sleeping Like a Baby

A celebration of those bright, baby eyes, peering out with delight from the cot where they are supposed to be lying sound asleep.

© Copyright Charlotte Clark 2022

New Work – April 2022

Digital painting of a baby bird peering into a newly hatched egg.

New Arrival

An older child, joyously meeting their long-awaited baby sibling.

Created in hospital while awaiting the arrival of my second child, inspired by the excitement of my first born, who was just so excited to finally meet his baby brother.

© Copyright Charlotte Clark 2022

New Work – March 2022

Good Mooorning in the Mountains!

A pair delighted to be meeting a brand new day, slippers on, enjoying the early morning calm before the mayhem of the day arrives.

Digital painting 5000 x 5000 px

© Copyright Charlotte Clark 2022