Truck Centre Western Australia manages the repairs and maintenance of a fleet of 40,000 vehicles.

The project

The client approached the Appworkshop as the fleet management software they were using was not meeting their requirements. We were to create two apps – a desktop app for the staff to manage the booking and maintenance system, and a mobile app through which clients book their vehicle in for a service.

The team

Working with a team of 3 other Javascript developers, I was responsible for the UI design and implementation for this project, while also completing some of the Javascript (Meteor) development.

Truck Centre scheduling app (desktop), and booking app (mobile), design by Charlotte Clark for WATC

It was a requirement of this project to follow the materialize library styling – with customised colours of course.

The layouts needed to be clean, clear and easy to use to ensure efficiency for staff members, and ease of booking for clients.

Booking app UI design for WATC by Charlotte Clark

Booking app UI

UI designs by Charlotte Clark for Truck Center WA scheduling web-app

UI designs for Truck Center WA scheduling web-app