Innovation Central is an innovation hub powered by Cisco, with centres worldwide – including one in Perth and one in Sydney. I completed two sites for them: a single page site, and this one – a custom Wordpress build.

The project

While the single page site was being developed, Innovation Central underwent a rebrand, resulting in a completely different aesthetic to the original brand guidelines. As part of this, a new homepage was designed, creating the starting point for the new and improved, expanded edition.

My role

For this project I was responsible for everything from the initial client meetings and proposal, through the design and feedback process, through to the build. With the site going from a static, single-page site to a multi-page wordpress build, I contracted the bulk of the wordpress build to Lee Karolczak, who also managed the Mailchimp integration and the transactional emails.

Innovation Central Perth – UI design by Charlotte Clark Visit site

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The design of this version was based on the new homepage design, which included a patterned, colourful gradient to use as a theme throughout the site.

This project was fairly extended, and the design underwent some significant changes along the way, with sign-off required from multiple branding departments.

Innovation Central Perth – UI design by Charlotte Clark

Innovation Central Perth – with the update aesthetic